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Daeyoung Electronics is recognized for its value
by not only applying and being registered for domestic and international
patents, but also acquiring a variety of international standards and
quality certifications.

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  • Intellectual property
  • standard authentication
  • quality certification

Awards history

Date of awards registration number name of the awards
2012.12.05 President $ 20 million Export Award
2010.11.30 President $ 10 million Export Award
2010.11.30 Prime Minister award certificate
2009.11.30 President $ 5 million Export Tower Award
2009.11.30 President Industrial packaging
2008.09.24 The Ministry of Knowledge Economy A man of merit sector
2006.02.22 The Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise A man of merit sector
2002.03.30 The Small and Medium Business Administration in Daeju and Kyeongbuk Best SME award (the interchange between different categories of business)

Intellectual property

Date Registration number name
2015.02.28 Patent Application No. 10-2014-0137479 air conditioner (Foreign countries)
2015.02.28 Patent Application No. 10-2014-0139147 air conditioner (Foreign countries)
2014.10.15 Patent Application No. 10-2014-0139147 air conditioner
2014.10.13 Patent Application No. 10-2014-0137494 air conditioner
2009.11.10 Patent No. 20-0446656 Protector for a point of contact of solenoid switch for vehicle start motors
2006.06.26 Patent No. 10-0595986 Case assembly device for magnet switch
2004.04.16 Utility Model No. 0348853 Metal pin core coupled with block and recessed cutout
2004.01.30 Utility Model No. 0341435 Squeeze bundle for E-1 core intussusception
2003.05.02 Utility Model No. 0313376 Radiating box for a small transformer roll formed with ultra-thin sheet metal
2003.05.02 Utility Model No. 0313375 Radiating box for a small transformer pressed formed with ultra-thin sheet metal
2002.10.21 Utility Model No. 0293891 Built-in electronic starter stabilizer for fluorescent lamp

standard authentication

Date of certification certification number name of the certification product Model testing organization
2014.12.30 HH10A14 Indoor Humidifier certificates CH1-8000W Korea Environment & Merchandise Testing Institute of Construction
2014.12.09 CA730A14 Indoor air purifier’s certificates CH1-8000W Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
2014.12.24 HE07087-14001A KC (Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate ) CH1-8000 series Korea Electric Testing Institute
2014.12.24 HE07087-14001B KC (Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate ) HWA-8000 series Korea Electric Testing Institute
2014.01.10 HE11002-9004B KC (Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate ) DDB-802S Korea Electric Testing Institute
2011.10.18 40024633 VDE ECS/CIG 021-024 VDE Institut
2011.01.21 JE07023-11001 KC (Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate ) SRR400 Korea Testing & Research Institute
2008.06.20 B.07.04.50189.004 TÜV SÜD HWA-8000 series TUV
2007.05.17 E312606 UL SMPS PBA UL KOREA
2005.04.12 E253626 UL TRANS FORMER UL KOREA

quality certification

Date of certification certification number name of the certification certification standards testing organization
2015.02.10 No. 1695 Korea Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification KOSHA 18001 Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency
2015.01.19 SMC-0560 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Certificate OHSAS 18001 KSR Certification
2013.05.23 EI0141/04 Environmental Management System Certificate ISO 14001:2004 ICR Certification
2013.05.23 QI0284/04 Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008 ICR Certification