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Display Assembly

Create displays for our and partners' products
by reviewing various designs and utilizing parts

Express various functions of electronic products

- Dispensor
- Control
- PBA Panel
- Cover Top


<Key Features>

Express various functions of products attached in front of refrigerator, air conditioner and air purifier  

<Additional features>

Features may vary depending on the product characteristics of each product

  Refrigerator- have sparkling water and ice through the lever

  Air conditioner, air purifier- With camera module, real-time video is available (smart function), wireless communication is available through Wi-Fi 


<Features of our products>

Control function expresses various LED contents

Due to the characteristics of one board, the product can be made into small and can be utilized in many ways, which enhance the product's competitiveness.


In parallel to the design of the display, we provide products in various and sophisticated forms