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We are a research institute leading the
prior and mass production technology
under the slogan of "making a dream into reality".
We have devoted to research and development that can respond to customers'
new demands and provide values in the field of household goods, power conversion parts,
and power control applied products, and have actively been investing in the development
of future products in connection with governmental and other research institutes.
Our institute can design circuit using MCU and can design and analyze PCB applied to the
surface mounting technology. We also have the abilities to design equipment parts using CAD,
produce prototype, have a simulation of a product, and interpret stress, jumping up to be a leading
company in the field of higher value-added technologies in deed as well as in name.
In 2015, based on the humidification and air cleaning technologies we have accumulated,
we have developed and commercialized "VVINT", the company's brand.
We are blazing a trail for the future based on endless challenges and innovations while trying
to discover talented people for the development of new products and conducting a number
of national projects through the cooperation with domestic and international academic and
research institutions.
We promise you to put every ounce of our energy into developing new designs and technologies
in order to grow into a global company beyond Korea as a research institute that can realize the
dreams of customers.