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We recruit adventurous and creative
talents who want to be
with Daeyoung Electronics

Daeyoung Electronics is waiting for talents equipped
with passion and challenging spirit.

1. Positions
HR secretary, management support, IT, sales and marketing, manufacturing, R & D, quality, purchasing
※ Product development and marketing sectors are working in Suwon.
2. Recruitment period
Occasional recruiting
3. Documents to be submitted
Job application, resume, cover letter, 1 copy each (our form)
Grades and career certificates, license copy should be submitted at the interview.
4. How to submit
E-mail submission to
By mail : 11, Pyeongdongsandan 6beon-ro, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju, Korea
5. How to apply
Document screening-> interviews regarding major and aptitude-> character interview-> Final result
6. Others
Submitted documents will not be returned.
Please contact your recruiter for more details.
(Phone : 062-959-3100)