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Human resource model

Aiming for the excellence
Those who strive to become the best in their field with patience and effort
Those who demonstrate their capacities through a relentless self-development
Those who are prepared for the future based on creativity and challenging spirit
Those who actively respond to the changes and innovations
Communication and unity
Those who achieve the objectives based on mutual respect and cooperation.
Those who promote the unity of the organization based on positive attitude.

Human resource policies

  • Capabilities and performance-oriented operation of the company
  • Transparent and fair personnel evaluation system.
  • Continuous exploration of talented people and nurturing.
  • Nurturing of global talents in preparation for the expansion of overseas investment.

Performances and rewards

Incentives system
Profit distribution for the excess profit
Salary system based on competence and performance
Fair and reasonable performance-based
compensation system
Annual income : pursue the top-level income in the
region and the industry.
Incentives : incentives in conjunction with the
management performance